Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Temporary Post ... VERY Temporary

This is in rough draft the first few paragraphs of current work. Tentative title for this chapter is Evangelical Voice. Usual rules. Do not copy elsewhere, though you may copy for your own use. It will change. Do not rely on this in this form. Do not share it with others. It will come down in a day or two.

We're posting it for comments. Your comments are valuable feedback. When there are no comments I doubt we've done well.

Evangelical Voice

            The Barbourite movement was narrowly focused, drawing almost entirely from non-Seventh-day Adventists, Age-to-Come believers and other Millinarians. Barbour saw those without a millannialist point of view as worldly and lost. He saw himself as God’s appointed voice for the Last Days. Paton’s believed he was divinely appointed, and he saw “advances” in spiritual insight as God’s special revelation to him. Both published tracts, Paton many more than Barbour who relied on the Herald of the Morning to further his ideology. The focus of both was narrow, and they didn’t seek a wider voice.       

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jerome said...

This tells the story very clearly. I note you say about Lizzie Allen: "Still, it is obvious, we think, that she and Paton were regular correspondents and had recently consulted." I know you will mention it elsewhere and in due course, but is it worth noting at this point that by 1890 Lizzie's affinity to Paton's theology would so great that she would be pastor of his Larger Hope Church in Buchanan?

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

We tell that story in volume 1

jerome said...

Ah - well, I guess I forgot that. You could still remind readers of course and refer back to volume one. (But it's your book, your decision). But I can't be the only one who would have forgotten where it had been mentioned and who would not necessarily pick up on the close Paton-Allen friendship...

Anonymous said...

I agree with referring back to the reference to Lizzie Allen in Volume One.

Are you interested in someone proof reading the post?


roberto said...

Rachael in a tweet you used a Greek word to describe Lizzie's theology.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

CDS, thanks for the offer. We'll need proof reading later. This is only a temporary post of a first draft.

Roberto, the English word would be soteriology, meaning salvation doctrine.

Anonymous said...

A fine article. Thank you.

Although it was not the purpose of the article, two points came over to me that will benefit my ministry today. Firstly, the need to read thoroughly and understand clearly literature before offering it to others and, secondly, the need to display gentleness and love rather than being aggresive. Too often, I fear, I have been guilty of failing on both these points.

Son of Ton

Chris G. said...

Question for Rachel and Jerome,
Concerning Barbour's "Herald of the Morning", I understand recently that the Herald ran from 1873 to 1896 and then Barbour began a 2nd phase of the magazine in smaller format from 1897 to ?, I recently became aware of this 2nd phase of the Herald specifically noting the cover of the first 1897 (March) series as Vol 1 No 1. The official title of the magazine states, "Herald of the Morning, Old series, from 1873 to 1896. New series" (evidently referring to the current 1897 new beginning of this magazine. Do either of you know how long this 2nd phase of the Herald ran for? I looked through volume one for any info but could'nt find anything specific.